digital columnFrom USA Today: President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan last year issued what has become known as the “digital mandate,” challenging schools to adopt digital technology by 2017. While the first year of the mandate saw educators adopting digital solutions, there are still thousands of schools across the country, which have yet to make the shift. Washington has provided compelling arguments for digital learning, but the true impetus to accelerate the digital transition should be those who are impacted most – students. Nationwide, the ways students learn are undergoing a fundamental transformation fueled by a generation of children who use digital media to learn everything from beginning phonics to biophysics. Students no longer want to look at a static drawing of a strand of DNA when they can virtually explore the inside of an interactive digital rendering of DNA to decode its scientific mysteries. Instead of forcing them to adapt to old, singularly focused methods, schools must adapt to the multiple ways in which today’s students want and need to learn.