From MSNBC: StudentsFirst, a school reform lobbying organization headed by education reformer Michelle Rhee, recently released the results of its own national study of education policies by state. According to the results, no state received an A, but plenty scored just barely average, and 11 states received an F. Each grade is the determined based on three areas: whether a state’s policies elevate teaching, empower parents, spend wisely, and govern well. The report highlights states that provide abundant school choices for parents (i.e. charter schools) and blasts states that fail to evaluate teachers and principals in “meaningful ways.” The two highest-ranked states, according to StudentsFirst, are Florida and Louisiana—two states whose schools have gained national attention, but not in a positive light. The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, set up by former Gov. Jeb Bush, is scandal-ridden, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s voucher program to send students to private schools that deny basic scientific facts was recently ruled unconstitutional by a state judge.Image