Women In Stem Degrees

From The Atlantic:

Highlighting the work of Emily Graslie, the Field Museum’s Chief Curiosity Correspondent, and Mary Flanagan, the founder of Tiltfactor, this article argues that women may choose to navigate their careers differently than men do and may be following non-traditional paths to apply their skills to STEM fields. The article hopes that female perspectives and approaches could expand the definition and scope of what it means to be STEM professionals. For example, Flanagan’s company, Tiltfactor, is a conceptual game research lab that designs innovative board games and software that educate through play, explore issues of equity and social change, and challenge gender stereotypes. Flanagan recently wrote that while boys and girls play video games in equal numbers, women represent only 13 percent in the video game industry, and points to women as a source of “fresh voices and new ideas” in the industry.