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From CNBC:

This June, the Museum of Science, Boston will feature an exhibition showcasing the STEM concepts used by artists and computer scientists who work at Pixar. Each section of the exhibit will focus on a step of the filmmaking process and feature hands-on activities.

Sesame Street

From Broadway World:

“Sesame Street Presents: The Body” is an interactive exhibition about the human body and is a result of the Sesame Workshop program Healthy Habits for Life. The exhibit features three different education zones related to the human body: Your Insides, Your Outsides, and Staying Healthy

No Child Left Behind

From The New York Times:

This article tracks the history of No Child Left Behind as well as the current debates about rewriting the law. It also looks at how schools have aimed to show success through measures other than test scores and the role of academic standards like the Common Core.

From ESchool News:

A new initiative led by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) will help school leaders adjust to changes in STEM instruction based on the Next Generation Science Standards. The NSTA Administrators Initiative will include face-to-face professional development opportunities and resources for school and district leaders.


From MIT News Office:

Researchers at the MIT Media Laboratory recently announced that they are developing a system that would allow young children to program interactive robots. Developers said the system could also serve as a tool to help determine which computational concepts children can easily learn and how interactive robots could best be integrated into educational curricula.

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