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School Closings

From Urban Education Institute:

A new study released by the Consortium on Chicago School Research tracks the enrollment patterns of nearly 11,000 students required to transition to a new elementary school after Chicago’s 2013 mass school closures. The report found that nearly all students displaced by the closings enrolled in schools with better academic rating than their closed school. However, only one-fifth of students landed at top-tier schools and nearly one quarter went to schools that were lower-performing than the welcoming schools assigned to them by the district.


From DNA Info:

A new children’s TV series on local PBS station WTTW will aim to get kids excited about science by featuring experts at various Chicago learning institutions and hands-on activities. The company behind the series, Dreaming Tree Films, will visit Chicago-area schools in the spring for themed in-school science events. The second episode of the series features MSI and Senior Exhibit Developer Olivia Castellini.

Sucess Project

From The University of Chicago:

The Success Project is a new partnership between the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, the University of Chicago’s Urban Education Institute, the Chicago Public School, and the Academy for Urban School Leadership. The project aims to better prepare middle grade students for success in high school by providing academic preparation, social supports, and help identifying “right fit” high schools. The project will be in 34 Chicago public schools and beginning in January, Success Coordinators will embed themselves inside 10 of the schools to work with middle school teachers, counselors, and school leaders on the programming. Staff at the remaining 24 schools will receive professional development training.

From Chicago Sun-Times:

The School Project, a six-part documentary series that will be released in segments over the 2014-2015 school year, will look at local perspectives on the school closings in Chicago, the expansion of charter schools, standardized testing, school discipline policies, and the history of reforms and educational models. The first film in the series, “Chicago Schools: The Worst in the Nation?” premiered at the end of October at an event at the Chicago History Museum that also included a panel discussion. This project is a collaboration between various media groups including Kartemquin Films, WTTW, and Story Corps.